The Righteous Persevere (A Poem)

When kings administer justice,
The wicked live in fear;
But in said previous absence,
The righteous persevere.
So persevere we must,
In times of fervid distrust.
In cities of dark unrest,
The light is put to test.
Yet hope is in the knowing,
Proclaiming as we’re going,
That darkness cannot o’ercome,
Since Light’s vict’ry is past won.

About Drew Mery

Drew is a husband, father, Reformed Christian, blogger, and business intelligence developer, living just outside of Tampa, FL. He has a BS in Religion from Liberty University and is currently working on a MA in Humanities from American Public University (based on the Great Books program). He is a board member of Pietas Classical Christian School in Brevard County and a Charlotte Mason education advocate. Upon completing his degree, he desires to teach, write, and develop curriculum.

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