The Trivium & Quadrivium in a Nutshell

What is the Trivium? The Trivium is the liberal arts of language, composed of three parts: grammar, dialectic/logic, and rhetoric.  The purpose of these language arts is to enable students to understand the nature of language, reasoned dialogue, and the artful composition of written and spoken language.  Language, after all, is an essential component ofContinue Reading

Lady Philosophy & True Happiness in Boethius’s Consolation

According to Lady Philosophy in Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy, what is man’s ultimate goal in life and how is it achieved? Lady Philosophy introduces the notion of an admirable goal in Chapter 1 of Book 3 as the “goal of true happiness” (3.1.5).  She goes on to state that everyone pursues good things in orderContinue Reading

Of Gods and Men: Socio-Cultural Aspects in The Odyssey

[Following is a brief essay I wrote for my course on The Ancient World as part of my Humanities program.] Ancient cultures were understandably different from our own in many respects.  This can make it somewhat of a challenge reading ancient literary works, as the socio-cultural differences can tend to blur our understanding of theContinue Reading

What Is the Trivium and Quadrivium in Classical Education?

To those unfamiliar with Classical education, the terms Trivium and Quadrivium are sure to sound foreign.  Technically, they are foreign because they are Latin.  Yes, proponents of Classical education love Latin words, and the teaching of Latin is part of a Classical curriculum.  After all, Latin is a Classical language that opens the door toContinue Reading

Virtuous Censorship for the Sake of Our Nation’s Soul

Yes, I’m advocating for greater censorship.  However, the censorship I’m advocating for is not a blanket censorship that allows those in power to silence anyone who disagrees with them, such as what we’re seeing taking place on various social media outlets.  To censor out of a fear of contrary thought is certainly not consonant withContinue Reading


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